Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014: Road trip from Bay area to Big Sur

Big Sur!! Sure...heard so much about the scenic drive along the coast excited to try this on one of the holidays of memorial day weekend.

It is supposed to be a sunny day around 80's but along the coast the weather patterns are unpredictable. It was cloudy, windy, cold and experienced small droplets along the drive on the way to Big Sur even up until the noon time. So, be prepared for the weather.

Drive was fantastic , vast expanse of ocean views on one side while the narrow road spiraling down the mountain giving us a thrill ride, going through tunnels and up hill on the mountains with lush green mountains on other indeed is a fantastic ride and felt like driving in the clouds.

Julia Pfeiffer redwood national park -
Park your car across the street and take the short hike to the waterfalls merging to the ocean.

The reward is at  the end of this short hike is a gorgeous ocean view. Be sure to take a moment to sink in this view in your memory books.

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